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Lower Back Pain

Back Pain

Many people have had some experience with low back pain from mild overuse to sever, nearly crippling bouts, which could go over decades or down a leg causing sciatica.  While low back pain has many origins and intensities there are few types that do not respond to care with us. We like to take a detailed look at your case because no two low back pain cases are exactly the same (although many are similar), and often the supporting structures need attention too.  Most low back pain responds well to at least a little traction and often combined with gentle drop table adjustments rather than heavier manual adjustments. No matter how long you’ve had low back pain, we look forward to helping you out of it to a more active lifestyle.

What are some causes of Lower Back Pain?

  • sitting too long

  • standing too long

  • bending oddly

  • a violent sneeze or cough

  • recent injury

  • old injury

  • overstretching

  • over weight lifting or training

  • long hours on a bike

  • chronic overuse


What are some potential secondary effects of Lower Back Pain?

  • restless leg syndrome

  • trouble moving in the AM  

  • difficulty falling asleep

  • old man sounds

  • decreased digestion

  • leg pain

  • hip tightness

  • decreased range of motion

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