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Injury Recovery

There are many people in Colorado, like myself, who are highly active.  With the easy access and all the great days to do it some form of overuse injury is inevitable, and we are here to help.  Be it the sore neck from belaying or tight shoulders, mid back and low back from hiking, or too many rounds of golf to a sore back neck and wrists from biking, or compression for skiing hard we can help keep you moving and swinging strong.  If you do sustain a worse crash you may wonder how soon you can come in or if getting adjusted is a good idea at all.


If you are not taken to a hospital or you were released from the hospital it would be a good idea to come in as soon as possible.  The less time the injury has to set into the body, this is the first few days, the quicker you will come out of it. It is also very important to note that many acute injuries are not recommended to adjust and our first priority is your safety. We will help with how you compensate, or where the surrounding structures took some impact too, and help you back to your activities.

Call or text Dr. Patrick to schedule your next appointment today.

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