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Joint Pain

There are hundreds of joints in the body and the average person doesn’t think about them unless they are causing pain.  Wrist pain, knee pain, elbow pain or any extremity pain exists because of poor joint health, and we are here to help. Many different things can affect the health of our joints, but overuse, dramatic underused or other injuries are most common and often an adjustment will help you recover to full health.  


In today’s world, most wrist pain comes from your keyboard, iPhone, or other highly repetitious activities like pouring drinks, playing an instrument or even weight lifting.  Wrist pain or other problems including grinding is known to improve when we adjust the wrist itself and the elbow. We have seen conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome improve, and it’s easy to see why when you know the anatomy, expected motion, and how the wrist will misalign and fixate from different activities.  We have helped wrists of all ages and activity levels so don’t let your wrist pain keep you from the activities you want to be doing! these stretches  will also help.


Knee pain is common in current or former athletes and likely from overuse in some capacity or injury.   The good news is almost everyone will see some improvement from getting their knees ankles and feet adjusted.  The less good news is your ability to get completely out of pain will depend on your individual trauma history, but we would be happy to help you get as well as possible just the same.  We have also found that checking the knees ankles and hips on both sides plays a large role in getting you up and going as fast as possible.


Shoulder pain can be complex, and we can help you decode yours. You may have something simple going on which would be great, but it‘s important to keep in mind the intricacies of the shoulder joint itself, and all the different types of stress that the shoulder will take. Let us not forget the multiple different referral sites that exist in the shoulder as well.  Also, shoulders go along with the neck and or mid-back pain so a shoulder will take that too. Knowing that we still welcome people with shoulder pain or problems because adjusting the spine and extremities will alleviate many of these problems, and help you return to a more active life with less pain.


Hip pain is a common complaint and can have many different origins and many different effects across the rest of the body. One thing most hip problems have in common is tightness. That tightness could come from the hamstrings, low back, sacrum, abdomen, the hip joint itself or a combination of these.  By understanding your specific case and evaluating these areas we are often able to get hips loosened up and moving which reduces the pain. We like to use a gentle drop table to help release the tension and misalignment and subluxation that goes along with it. Getting hips to release can also help knees and the low back and even feet more than we sometimes expect, so come start feeling better sooner than later.



Elbow pain is not a terribly common complaint but when you have it you understand the value of an elbow.   If you have gotten it from golf or tennis it’s a good idea to start with massage. If that is unsuccessful then your problem could be alignment or entrapment, and we can help.  When the muscles of the arm or forearm tighten up elbow pain or problems like tingling in the hand are common to follow. If your elbows have been bothering you then an extremity adjustment is a great idea!

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