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We're pretty confident in the quality of our adjustments. With over five years of delivering chiropractic care in the Denver area, we have developed a remarkable community of individuals who are committed to taking charge of their health, and who have incorporated regular chiropractic visits into their routine.  

The majority of our business comes from referrals within our own growing community. The best testament to our success is the health and improved quality of life our patients have found after regular visits to our office. So don't take our word for it, browse our testimonials across the web and on this page, and set up a consultation to see if House of Health can help you.

Read our 5-Star Chiropractic Reviews on Google and Yelp !

Amazing Gift

James W.

 I have been to going to chiropractors for over 27 years and Dr. Patrick Stephens is one of the best chiropractors that I have been treated by. He has a gift at finding exactly what is out of balance.


I am a professional dancer as well as a massage therapist and after performing for the past 3 weeks my joints were starting to ache. After 1 visit with Dr. Stephens, I had more range of motion and flexibility without the pain. He truly practices the Art of Chiropractic care.


I will be recommending him to all of my friends and family. Thank you for sharing your gift.

A Life Changing Experience

Mario Z. 

 I have dealt with upper and lower back pain for over 10 years and had tried the gamut of remedies without much success. When I first met with Dr. Patrick I was more than a little apprehensive due to some very painful and uncomfortable memories of previous chiropractors, but my fears were quickly alleviated once I started working with Dr. Patrick.


Not only have I seen incredible results with my back pain - going from an average of a 6 out of 10 pain wise to a 3 or 4 out of 10, but I have also experienced dramatic relief with my acid reflux and knee pain as well. All of this has been incredible, but the most amazing part is that these changes have taken place in only a month of treatment.


I am excited to see where the ceiling is on how great I can feel and I would give my strongest recommendation for Dr. Patrick, especially if you are experiencing any kind of pain that other specialists were not able to help with.

A Doctor, A Healer, An Educator

Christina D. 

 I was referred to Dr. Patrick by my cranial sacral practitioner. I have had continuing back spasms, and an increasingly painful neck and shoulder, and frequent headaches.  I am over 60; work very long hours, so a lot of this has been a very long time building up. Only one month into treatment, my back is significantly improved, and my neck and shoulder are getting there. Dr. Patrick does a thorough inventory of one’s health history, and he gives a clear explanation of the options and goals, and more importantly, what one might experience on the way.  He addresses not only the physical experience but also is able to look at the emotional and spiritual mind-body interconnections in a way that is both practical and respectful.


However, the quality that strikes me most about his work is his focus and concentration during treatments. He is completely present and deeply engaged in his hands “communicating” with my muscles, bones, and pain. He is very gentle, goes directly to the spots where healing is most needed, and you can feel the depth and direct connection he is making to pour health back into places in my body that have been crying for this level of attention. He is also able to explain what is happening in my body, and what it needs, in both medical and laymen’s terms. It has been a very very long time since I have done any bodywork for healing, and Dr. Patrick has been able to give me hope that I can heal and work through some very deep-seated long time pain and discomfort. His hands have the gift of healing.

Best Chiropractor in Denver

Rachel Q.

 After my first visit, I knew I had stumbled upon something big. And within a month of weekly visits I had seen more positive changes in my life than I had seen in the last five years. It's funny that you can get so used to feeling "fine" that you forget what it feels like to feel excellent!

I've been seeing chiropractors on and off since I was a teenager, maybe 5 different doctors in all.  They were all competent and helped me get over the pain I was experiencing at the time, but none of them brought the expertise, skill and general presence that Dr. Stephens has. 

It sounds crazy, but after getting on to a regular schedule with him my life started improving drastically.  I spontaneously began letting go of old habits, I started sleeping better, food started tasting better, and I felt more connected and in tune with my body than I had in years, and I was even losing weight without really trying.  Finally, he is helping me overcome a major medical condition that I thought could only be solved by prescription medications that made me feel awful all the time.

Once I started talking with Dr. Stephens about these unexpected side-effects, he was not at all surprised and told me that these kinds of things could be expected through the type of chiropractic care that he provided. Who knew? He does a great job of educating as he goes along, and will happily answer any questions you have about the process. 

Not only has the pain from my hips and lower back disappeared since seeing him, the other benefits I've experienced from seeing him have been too numerous to count. 

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