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Headaches can be terribly debilitating and it pains me how many people have learned to live with any level of headache.  

There are many different types of headaches and the ones you’re most likely to incur will respond well with our adjustments.  If you have headaches that wrap around the top of your head like a band it’s either your hair is too heavy or we can help. If your headache starts in the neck or back of the skull then we can help you in typically only a handful of visits.  If your headache includes visual symptoms, sensitivity to light and sound, and can last for hours to days you too can receive relief as well.

These types of headaches respond well to a specific upper-cervical C1 adjustment which is one area we always check!  

If your headache comes from the side of the head you likely need some cranial work and a solid neck adjustment. We have seen hundreds of headaches walk into our office and dissolve through the adjustment, and hope you let us help you with yours.

What can cause headaches?

  • extended screen time

  • sinus pressure from allergies  

  • TMJ problems  

  • squinting in too much sun

  • neck problems

  • stress

  • hangover/ poor diet

  • extended sofa posture


What are some secondary effects of headaches?

  • fatigue

  • irritability

  • sleep problems

  • poor decision making  

  • difficulty focusing  

  • road rage


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