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Neck Pain

Neck Pain


Most people will have some form of neck pain in their lives, and almost all types of neck pain can respond to our adjustments.  It could be as simple as a poor night's sleep, some general tightness from an extra stressful week and you may only need an adjustment or two for this.  Other neck pain can be a low grade dull throbbing, to achy that comes with poor posture, decreased range of motion and comes and goes over time or is a persistent problem.


If you’re here, please come in before it gets worse.  If it gets worse to a sharp or otherwise intense pain that never goes away, it wakes you up from sleep and even goes down your arm and it’s been less than 20 years we can probably still help you!  


If you are unable to tuck your chin to your chest and intense electric shocks go across your entire body when you try then you need to stop reading and go to the hospital, otherwise drop us a text and we will help you feel better!

What can cause neck pain?

  • Text neck

  • Denver traffic

  • Long office hours

  • Sleeping weird

  • Stressful day or week

  • Long hikes with a heavy backpack

  • Belaying

  • Road cycling

  • Mountain bike crash

  • Old injury 


What are some secondary effects of neck pain?

  • Decreased range of motion

  • Headaches

  • Arm pain

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Anxiety


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