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About Dr. Patrick Stephens

Dr. Patrick is a passionate chiropractor who enjoys adjusting and helping people with their problems.


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia he has been practicing in Denver since early 2013 and is an active outdoorsman.   


With three fractures in his spine and a history of extreme sports, he is intimately knowledgeable of overuse injuries, common sports injuries, and many types of pain.


In addition to backpacking, flyfishing, rock climbing, skiing, and cycling, Dr. Patrick enjoys studying and discussing philosophophical concepts relating to the interplay of Innate Intelligence and the physical form. 

What To Expect From Your 1st Visit

What to Expect From Your 1st Visit

The first visit at House of Health Chiropractic is a combination of meeting the past, working in the present and planning for the future. 


We start with a dialogue about your ailments.  From there we do an examination on the affected physical areas.  If there are no red flags (the need for additional imaging, or lab tests,  or if you’re not a good candidate for chiropractic) we adjust on the first visit. 


The adjustment on the first visit is not typically a one time fix, but a chance to get a baseline, take the edge off, and get you moving in the right direction.  We will also discuss realistic outcomes and expectations from care for the following weeks.


We do not make long-term recommendations on the first visit so please don’t expect to be “sold” on a one or two-year care plan that costs thousands of dollars.  


DC - Life University

BS - Life University

AS - Georgia Permiter College


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